Member Programs & Benefits

Membership is open to any wood component product manufacturer who operates a manufacturing plant in the United States or Canada and is adequately equipped for processing wood into dimension stock or wood parts for sale to outside customers.

Business Opportunities

Sales inquiries from component buyers are received by the WCMA office on a daily basis. The WCMA responds to each inquiry by sending a WCMA Wood Components Buyer's Guide to these dimension & component buyers. The specifics of each sales inquiry are forwarded to WCMA members by e-mail or fax. The WCMA Member MatchTM database system can compare a component buyer's needs with our member profiles. We can provide a component buyer with a list of companies who can meet specific needs. This Member MatchTM service is provided free of charge to all dimension and component buyers.

Trade Promotion

The WCMA sponsors several promotional programs for the purpose of promoting the products of our industry and generating more business for our members. Our promotional activities include: WCMA sponsored advertising in the leading trade publications and suppliers' directories; distributing our Wood Components Buyer's Guide to dimension buyers and users through our direct mail program; a special Export Directory for overseas buyers; and exhibiting at the major woodworking trade shows in the United States and around the world.

Industry Research & Market Studies

The Association conducts a number of technical and market studies to help identify potential new markets and improve a firm's competitive position. These studies are available to participating member companies.


A Newsletter is published to provide our members with useful information concerning: WCMA activities and meetings; inquiries from potential customers; general business conditions; equipment & products wanted for sale; and major industry developments.

Government Relations

The WCMA works closely with our allied associations to protect the wood products industry from unfair or unwarranted legislation or regulations that would have an adverse effect on our industry. The WCMA has been actively involved in removing international trade barriers, wood dust regulations and the timber supply issue.

Annual Meeting

Our Annual Meeting includes an educational program designed to cover important topics of interest to component manufacturers including:

Plant Tours

Every fall, WCMA members tour the production facilities of several component, furniture, cabinet, millwork and related woodworking companies. These plant tours provide WCMA members with a unique opportunity to observe other manufacturing operations and exchange ideas in a friendly atmosphere.

Educational seminars are also conducted in conjunction with our plant tour event.

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