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Mission Statement

The Wood Component Manufacturers Association advances and promotes the interests of the North American wood products industry through interactive and innovative manufacturing solutions.

About Us

The Wood Component Manufacturers Association (WCMA) was initially organized in 1929 as the Hardwood Dimension Manufacturers Association (HDMA). The basic goals of the association were to establish and maintain specifications and commercial standards for the hardwood dimension manufacturing industry, and to aid in the development of the industry. The WCMA still maintains the "Rules & Specifications For Dimension & Woodwork."

In 1985, the association changed its name to the National Dimension Manufacturers Association (NDMA) to reflect its growing membership base and commitment to becoming a progressive, nationally-recognized association for the entire dimension manufacturing industry. In 1996, the name was changed to Wood Component Manufacturers Association to reflect the broader range of wood component products being produced by its member companies.

Objectives of the WCMA

  • Promote a friendly exchange of ideas among those engaged in the dimension & component manufacturing business.
  • Develop and promote a general demand for the industry's products and services.
  • Collect and distribute useful economic and technical information concerning industry trends and developments.
  • Serve as a business referral clearinghouse by responding to inquiries from dimension & component buyers and passing this information on to its members.
  • Conduct seminars and meetings that will satisfy the educational needs of our members.
  • Establish and maintain standard rules and specifications for the dimension & components industry.
  • Cooperate with other wood product trade associations and appropriate government agencies to promote and protect the interests of the industry.


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