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"Rules and Specifications for Dimension & Woodwork," eighth edition, revised 2007, pocket-sized. The rulebook covers the industry rules and specifications for specifying dimension and component products, tolerances, allowances, common definition, etc. The WCMA Rulebook gives the buyer and seller common ground when discussing component products. New edition includes metric examples and conversion. Cost is $5.00 (U.S) per copy.

"Wood Components Buyer's Guide." WCMA buyer's guide for the dimension & component buyer and end user. This guide is designed to assist a buyer in locating manufacturers who can produce the type of component products they need. It includes articles on buying and using component products, WCMA membership directory, source guide, and a summary of current WCMA activities and programs. An electronic version of the Buyer's Guide is free and can be found here. Hard copy cost is $5.00 (U.S.) per copy.

"2006 Outsourcing Trend Study."The WCMA sponsored an industry-wide, comprehensive study on outsourcing trends in the domestic and global woodworking industry.  This study identified the major reasons for outsourcing, the types of products outsourced most often from domestic and global suppliers, and what component buyers look for in a supplier. Conducted by Vance Research Services, 2006, hard copy cost is $25.00 (U.S.)  Free online below.

WCMA Outsourcing Trends StudyWCMA Releases New Outsourcing Trends Study

"Make vs. Buy Study: An Integrated Versus Assembly Survey of Cabinet and Furniture Manufacturers." An updated study focusing on the differences between integrated and assembly-oriented furniture and cabinet manufacturers. It focuses on the advantages of purchasing wood components from outside manufacturers. Conducted by Vance Research Services, 25 pages, 1993. Cost is $25.00 (U.S.) per copy.

"Moisture and Wood." This 32-minute videotape (VHS) discusses moisture-related problems in wood products. It covers how to specify the proper moisture content for the end-use and location; how to measure and monitor moisture content correctly; and how to properly store and handle wood products. Cost is $15.00 (U.S.) per copy.

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